Volunteer Positions

The following are positions available with Angels of Fur. If you are interested in holding a position with AOF or need more information on job duties you can contact melissa@angelsoffur.com.

Founder/CEO/ Executive Director: Melissa Jones melissa@angelsoffur.com

Assistant Vice President: Sunni Weimer sunni@angelsoffur.com

Secretary: Melissa Jones melissa@angelsoffur.com

Treasurer: OPEN

Adoptions Coordinator: Melissa Jones melissa@angelsoffur.com

Foster Care Director: Sunni Weimer sunni@angelsoffur.com

Foster Care Coordinator: Amy Jo Bathke amy@angelsoffur.com

Network Director: George Coon george@angelsoffur.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Katrina Blaskewicz katrina@angelsoffur.com

Follow Up Coordinator: OPEN lisa@angelsoffur.com

Event Director: OPEN

Marketing Director: OPEN

Home Visit Coordinator: OPEN

Transport Coordinator: OPEN

Bookkeeper: OPEN

Intake Director: Melissa Jones melissa@angelsoffur.com

Intake Coordinator: OPEN