Memberships with AOF

1. Volunteer -- Anyone who gives a gift of service to AOF

2. Student -- $10.00

3. Individual -- $20.00

4. Family -- $50.00

5. Sponsoring Group or Class -- $100.00

6. Professional -- $200.00

7. Small Business -- $300.00

8. Corporation -- $500.00

9. Benefactor -- $1,000.00 or more

Monthly memberships are also available for Student, Individual, Family, and Sponsoring Group/Class. Monthly memberships will have a dog and/or cat (on rare occasion) sponsored. The member will be able to name the animal and receive updates and photos until adoption.

Each member will receive a certificate of membership for the current year, a bi-monthly newsletter, notification of upcoming events, a vehicle member sticker, discounts on merchandise and adoption donation fees as well as a mailed photo monthly of a dog whom you helped save.

You can contact us for more information. Or visit our store to donate, and become a member.