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We are a non profit K-9 Rescue. Currently filing for our 501(c)(3) for tax exempt status.  We take in and adopt out loving, abandoned, lonely and precious K-9's. We are not breed specific. 

Executive Director: Melissa Jones
Board Members: Melissa Jones, Sunni Weimer, Katrina Blaskiewicz, George Coon, Amy Jo Bathke


Melissa has been in rescue for about 6 years now. She used to foster for another rescue group here in Central NY who has taught her a lot. 

Melissa lives at home with her husband, Justin, 3 children, her dog Butterscotch (a Rescue Me rescue pitbull), Jo-Jo her bird and many foster doggies. Melissa has an open heart for animals, they are all welcome. She decided that fostering was not enough, there were not enough fosters for all the dogs who needed help. She ventured out to lots of paperwork and later signed her Articles of Incorporation to start her own not for profit canine rescue organization. Melissa enjoyed taking in the problem dogs, whom everyone thought was garbage.  She started Angels of Fur at the beginning of 2010. Alone she was strapped with all the work and is VERY thankful for her wonderful board who decided to join her in this never ending journey.  "Without my board members, volunteers and fosters Angels of Fur would be NOTHING"

Angels of Fur "Saving lives one dogs at a time"

If you need to contact Melissa you can email her at


My name is Katrina and I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to dogs. Ironically as a small child I was terrified of canines - all shapes & sizes. This all changed however when my parents dog sat for friends. Enter Bambi, the most beautiful and gentle shepard / collie mix that ever lived. Needless to say I fell head - over - heels in love with her and her owners upon return didn't quite have the heart to take their Bambi away from a 5 year old girl. She was my BFF and constant companion until my senior year in highschool when she passed away. Bambi's legacy remains with me to this day and because of her I have an underlying passion to help those innocent creatures who cannot fend for themselves - from shelters to vet offices, wildlife rehab to horse rescue and now Angels of Fur. Bambi was my animal ambassador and I miss her to this day.

If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact Katrina at:


Sunni started as a foster mom for Angels of Fur. She says she knew she had to do more when Melissa brought her that cute little bald puppy. Olivia was battling a severe case of mange. Sunni came to vet visits, plumped her up and adopted her.  Sunni wanted to continue to save doggies just like Olivia so she signed on to volunteer and became a board member.  Sunni handles all of our fostering.  She handles the applications, home visits, and is there for support with our foster parents.

If you are interested in fostering, please feel free to contact Sunni at:


Hello everyone. My name is George Coon and I am the Network Director for Angels. I started on Facebook in April 2011, I ran across the Angels of Fur FB page. Always having been an animal lover and adopting dogs for the last 20 years, I naturally liked the page. At the time there was a puppy named Jacob fighting for his life due to parvovirus! I was so taken by this beautiful puppy fighting to stay alive I donated money to pay for his care and checked the page often to check on his status. The outcome wasn't good. I decided at that time if there were people that cared about a pup that had just been rescued as much as these folks did, I wanted to be part of it! My first event was the Howlfest in 2011. The rest is history. To this day I have a pic of Jacob on my phone.

Feel Free to contact George at:


My name is Amy Jo, my family became involved with the Angels of Fur by becoming a foster family! We wanted to add another dog to our family, but we weren't sure if we were ready. We have kids and an old dog, and it can be hard to pick the right addition to a large family.  However, we fell in love with our first foster dog and adopted him. Even though he's not perfect, he is the perfect addition to our family!
Fostering and adopting one dog was not enough. Once my eyes had been opened to how many dogs out there really need help, I was hooked! There are a lot of things in this world that we cannot change, but my family and I can change the world for one rescue dog! I love working with the Angels of Fur, we have a great group of people who dedicate their time to making a difference!
"Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citzens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Meade

Amy Jo assists Sunni with all Foster related aspects of the rescue.  Feel free to contact Amy Jo at:

June 2010. Albama rescues Thelma and Louise. Griffiss Airport Rome, NY. A Long and joyous day.  RIP sweet girls. We miss you!!