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What is foster care all about

Foster care is the most crucial part of dog rescue. Without foster homes we cannot continue to save the lives of dogs in need. Becoming a foster home requires the commitment of the entire family. The following things are asked of our foster families:

  • A foster family must provide a safe and stable environment as well as love.
  • Some dogs require special care such as medical care – gaining weight , post medical attention.
  • Some dogs require training in socialization , building trust , exercise , basic training, and housebreaking.

Basic Foster Care Duties:Dog foster care providers are people who rescue dogs from being euthanized in shelters, those whom are stressed out in the shelters as well as dogs whose owners can no longer care for them. They temporarily provide love and care in their own homes until a permanent home can be found.

It’s a big commitment and it is not a task that everyone is able to commit to so PLEASE make sure that you have thought this through and have spoken to all members of the household (we recommend a family meeting). The sense of fulfillment that you get out of knowing that you helped make a difference in the life of a dog is very rewarding.

As a foster parent you are the one who will know the dog best. We need you to provide us with information about the dog such as habits, training, likes and dislikes. We do temperament test the animals prior to bringing them into rescue whenever possible however dogs personalities may change as they begin to settle in and get acclimated to new surroundings and a new home life.

Most dogs require some basic obedience training. Sit, Stay, Come, Off, Lay, are a few commands that you will want to work on with the dogs. Teaching the dog to walk on a leash, housebreaking and crate training may be required also depending on the dog. It is very important to make sure that the foster dog is well socialized with other animals and people. Taking the dog for a walk to the park will also get them acclimated to different surrounding and people.

When a permanent home has been found for the dog we will let you know as soon as possible so that you may say your goodbyes. Parting with a foster dog is almost never easy however this means that you can help another dog in need. You have given this animal a 2nd chance at life, and that is something that can never be repaid.

What we pay for:Angels of Fur pays for the vet care, food, crates, toys , blankets, dishes, leash , collar…….and anything else that you may need for the dog while it’s in your care. It does not cost you anything to be a foster parent. Of course if you want to go out and buy additional things for the dog you are more than welcome to do that as well.

Some dogs take longer to find placement than others. If you find that you are unable to continue fostering please let someone know by email or phone and we will do our best to get the dog out as soon as possible by finding another foster home. Under NO circumstances should the dog be placed anywhere other than Angels of Fur if you can no longer care for the dog.

Angels of Fur takes in all breeds and all ages so if there is something that you are opposed to fostering please let us know (there is a spot for that on the foster application). We know that all dogs don’t fit in every living situation. For example if you live in a small apartment and work 12 hours a day we are not going to have you foster a huge dog or a puppy. We do our best to find the best possible fit between foster and family. If you see a post for a dog and you would like to foster them please by all means let us know and we can set it up. The staff at Angels of Fur will NEVER make you feel guilty or try to pressure you into fostering something that you don’t want to. We want to make sure that our fosters are happy because without them we cannot continue to do what we do.

As foster volunteers, you have given the animals you cared for, and loved, a very special gift- a second chance at a full and wonderful life.