1.  All potential adopters must COMPLETE all sections of our adoption application, missing or false information is grounds for immediate denial. The potential adopter MUST provide a vet reference AND 3 personal references 1 family and 2 non family members. 

- Applicants MUST be over 18 and any applicant between the ages of 18 and 21 will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to evaluate their ability and commitment to provide for a dog for its entire life. A dog is not a toy but a family member, just like having a child. Once you have them you have them for life.

- Applicants who do not own a home( i.e. rent the home), rent an apartment or own a home in an area that is regulated by a co-op or housing authority must provide proof that dogs are allowed in the home on the plot and that there are NO size or breed restrictions.

2. The adoptions staff will evaluate the applicant based on their responses and ask any additional questions via email so check your email regularly including your spam folder. 

3. Once the application and any additional questions and/or comments are reviewed, the adoptions team will proceed with a home visit if needed for qualified applicants. Home visit volunteers WILL ONLY be approved by Angels of Fur. You will not be allowed to have someone you know conduct the home visit for you. 

-Applicants whom are pre-screened and asked to schedule a home visit are not guaranteed final approval. We receive a large volume of applications, which are processed as they are received and many applications may be in process for a single dog at the same time. We place dogs with the first approved applicant that is the BEST match for that dog, not the first received application.

4. Once the home visit report is reviewed, the Adoption Coordinator will make a decision regarding the applicant and meet with the Director for the final approval.  The applicant will be informed of the decision in a timely manner. 

5. Approved applicants need to read and agree to all terms stated in the adoption contract which will be given ONLY at the time of approved adoption meeting. 

6. If applying for one of our bully breeds you will be asked to check into your home owners insurance first as to if they allow this breed or will you need to find another carrier who WILL allow you to house the said breed.

7. Angels of Fur Adoptions fees are found on our website www.angelsoffur.com and click on Adoption Fees

8. All applications will be processed in a timely manner.  Our main goal is to always keep the dog’s best interest in mind in order to place our dogs in successful homes for the remainder of their lives. Adoption is forever and not a joke. Adoption is family and not a sleepover friend. Adoption is the BEST!!


Adoption Application

As a non-profit animal welfare group, our goal is to promote responsible animal care and prevent the abuse and suffering of companion animals. We will personally screen applicants in order to determine if the needs of a specific rescue animal fits the lifestyle expectations of the potential owner. This method has proven successful to save more homeless or relocating animals and reduce the risk of failed adoptions. Completing this application does not guarantee adoption approval. You must be 19 years of age or older to adopt one of our puppies/dogs. Please complete this application in full, any missing or false information may delay or deny your application. Allow us at least three business days to process this information and contact your references. We will be contact you during this process concerning any questions we may have. Your patience is greatly appreciated! If you submit and receive an error of *form post failed* please copy and paste the form to melissa@angelsoffur.com

ALL communication will be sent via email. Please provide a valid email address so we can contact you. You may need to check your spam folder for our emails as well.

Do you:

Select type of home:

Check which best describes where you live:

Are you planning on moving soon

Does anyone in your home have known allergies to dogs or cats?

Are all members of household in agreement to adopting a dog/puppy?

Do all members of the household work?

If you CURRENTLY have any dogs or cats, are they ALL spayed/neutered?

If you CURRENTLY have dogs or cats, are they up to date on all shots, including boosters and rabies?

If you CURRENTLY have dogs or cats, are they registered with the County that you live in?

Have any of your CURRENT pets had cosmetic surgery (check all that apply):


Rate the activity level of your home:

Is this your first experience with a dog? (This is experience with your own dog not a dog who lived in a home with you and your parents where your parents were the primary caretaker)

Do you have a fenced in area for the dog/puppy?

If no, which of the following do you plan to use?

Do you know how to crate train a puppy/dog?

Do you know how to housebreak a puppy/dog?

Will you take this dog to obedience or training classes?

Do you understand the financial responsibility of owning a dog?

Are you taking this dog/puppy for a vet visit within one month of the adoption?

Are you familiar with introducing your new dog to the children & current pets residing in your home?

Would you agree to a “home visit” by a volunteer to your home prior to and/or after adoption (by appointment only)?

Puppy Adopters – you will be legally obligated to have the puppy spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months and provide us with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate for our files. Are you willing to comply?