About Us

We are a non profit K-9 Rescue. Currently filing for our 501(c)(3) for tax exempt status.  We take in and adopt out loving, abandoned, lonely and precious K-9's. We are not breed specific. 

Executive Director: Melissa Jones
Board Members: Melissa Jones, Sunni Weimer, Katrina Blaskiewicz, George Coon, Amy Jo Bathke

The most common reasons a dog ends up with a rescue organization include the following:

  • The owners don’t have time for the dog.

  • The owners find that they can’t afford either basic vet care or the expense involved in treating an illness or injury.

  • The owner dies or goes into a nursing home.

  • The owners divorce and neither party can keep the dog. (You would be amazed at how many dogs we get as a result of divorces!)

  • A young couple has a child and no longer has time for the dog, or the dog no longer fits into their “lifestyle.”

  • The owner is moving to an apartment building that doesn’t allow dogs.